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Jamie’s Story - The Other Side of the Coin Page 1/17

Monday - £8.23

Jamie comes out of his block of flats. He squints in the daylight, lights a fag, sees the dog and scratches his ears. 

Jamie: Awright, dog? I’m off down the Jobcentre if you fancy a walk?

Jamie continues down the street with the dog. He sees Anji having her fag outside Kim’s Kafé.

Jamie: Mornin’ Anji – how’s it going?
Anji: It’s going fine, Jamie. How about yourself? Keeping out of trouble?
Jamie: Doin’ my best, Anji, doin’ my best.
Anji: Good boy. Where are you off to now?
Jamie: Down the Jobcentre.
Anji: Well, good luck with that. It’s not easy finding a job these days, is it?
Jamie: Not with a criminal record, anyway.
Anji: I’m sure something will turn up if you keep your nose clean, eh?
Jamie: Hope so, Anji – it’s no fun being a dole-merchant, I can tell ya.
Anji: So, that your dog, is it?
Jamie: Nah, I think he’s a stray. Hangs out with me sometimes, don’t ya mate?