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Jamie’s Story - The Other Side of the Coin Page 2/17

At the Jobcentre: Jamie and Brian wait their turn. May and Kelli are chatting near them. 

Jamie: There she is, Brian, my man. Girl of my dreams.
Brian: She not a bit old for you, son?
Jamie: Not my Auntie May, you idiot! I mean Kelli.
Brian: Yeah, she’s... what d’you call it? ‘Hot spice’?
Jamie: Hey, steady Grandad – calm down.
Brian: You not going to ask her out then, mate?
Jamie: No chance.
Brian: Don’t tell me – her fella’s six foot four?
Jamie: Nah – he’s out the picture...
Brian: Oh, I get it – scared she’ll knock you back, eh?
Jamie: As if, man! Nah, problem is I’ve got £8.23 to last ‘til my dole comes in on Wednesday.
Brian: Ask her out Thursday, then.
Jamie: Yeah, that’ll be shining. Put it this way – would you take the wife out if I gave you £60?
Brian: Nope – I’d pay the leccy bill before they cut us off. Happy days, eh?
Jamie: Tell me about it.
Brian: It’s my kids I feel bad for... Not many treats for them these days.
Jamie: At least they see you more, man. Now you’re not so busy running your ‘Empire’.
Brian: ‘Empire’, eh? Here’s me thinking it was just a cab company I had...