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Kelli’s Story - In For a Penny, In For a Pound Page 2/22

Kelli stands outside House Heaven, her son, Leon, is in his pushchair. A dog pees nearby.

Kelli: There it is, Leon – the dream sofa. The Princess Three-Seater. Sick, innit?
Leon: Doggie?
Kelli: No Leon, sofa – can you say sofa?
Leon: Sweetie!
Kelli: Maybe later, baby. Look, Leon, look at the sofa!
Leon: So-fa?
Kelli: Yeah! Know the snotty cow who lives next door? She’s only got the Duchess Two-Seater...
Leon: Moo-cow?
Kelli: Imagine her face if I got the three-seater, eh?
Leon: Moo!
Kelli: Yeah, snotty cow goes ‘Moo’! Suppose we better go talk to that man at the Jobcentre now, eh?
Leon: Bye-bye sofa.
Kelli: Clever boy! Yeah - bye-bye sofa.
Leon: I’m free.
Kelli: That’s right, you’re three. You’re good at counting, you are.
Leon: One, two, free...
Kelli: Maybe you could get a job down the bookies, eh?