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Welcome to Skint!

Skint! is an interactive book which has been designed to help you look at some of the issues around money and how they can affect your life.

As you follow Kelli’s and/or Jamie’s story, you have a chance to explore the many different things that they  face. Managing your money can be hard and by reading what happens to them, we hope you’ll get some ideas that will help you become more confident about managing your own money, consider different opportunities available to you to earn money, as well as encourage you to talk to people you can trust about any money worries you may have and to know where and how to get support if you are really concerned about things.

As well as reading the stories on your own, you can act them out as a group, read them with others, or focus on just one bit to discuss. You can even decide how the stories end by choosing the ending that you think should happen.

Also, by visiting our website you will find a signed and audio version of Skint! plus some online activities that further explore the situations the characters find themselves in.

At the end of this book there is some more useful information including the Savvy Sofa Shopper’s Guide to Credit, Jamie’s Budget and Kelli’s Guide to Debt.

You will also find the meanings of some of the words used within Skint! as well as web links that provide more information and help with money management.

We hope you enjoy the book!