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A - ankle-biter – (slang) - small child
  aye (Scots) yes
B - banged-up (slang) - in prison
  buff (urban slang) - good-looking, sexy
  B.S. – (abbreviation) - bullshit
D - dae (Scots) - do
  doin’ (abbreviation/slang) - a ‘doing’, a beating
  Deal or No Deal - a popular television game show where the top prize is £250,000
F - funpire –(slang) a play on the word 'vampire'- someone who sucks all the fun out of life!
G - gangsta – (slang/abbreviation) - a hardened criminal, gangster
  gimme some skin (American slang) - give me a low-five (celebratory gesture made by two people slapping each others lowered hands)
  gonna (abbreviation) - going to
H - Hank Marvin (rhyming slang) - starvin’(starving)
  high budget (urban slang) - someone who likes expensive things
  hot-spice (urban slang) - a very attractive person
  huv (Scots) - have
I - innit (abbreviation) - isn’t it?
M - manky – dirty, filthy, run down
  mutt – a mongrel, a mixed breed dog
N - neek (slang) - a cross between a nerd and a geek
R - rank (slang) - disgusting, horrible
  rug-rat – (slang)- a small child
S - shiz (American urban slang) - for sure, certainly
  sick (urban slang) - good, cool
  ‘sup (urban slang) - what’s up? What’s happening?
T - that’ll be shining (rhyming slang) - ‘that’ll be shining bright’ = right
  tightwad (slang) - someone who doesn’t like to part with their money
  ting (Jamaican dialect) - thing
  tin-pail (rhyming slang) - jail
W - what you saying? (slang) - what are you up to? What are you doing?

whipped (slang) - under the thumb of your wife or girlfriend


whit (Scots) - what


wisnae (Scots) - was not

  why no’? (Scots) - why not?