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Jamie’s Weekly Budget

Now Jamie is working in the pub he has sat down with Auntie May and worked out a budget. He has more money coming in than on the dole and has no debts to pay off. He thinks he should have insurance, but can’t afford it. Auntie May says saving £1 a week is a start plus putting money aside for clothes and going out. What do you think of Jamie’s weekly budget?


Total money coming in  (as of December 2013) £135.99
From: Wages  78.00
and Housing Benefit & Council Tax reduction 57.99
Total money going out (as of December 2013) £135.99
Being spent on bills Rent/mortgage 63.50
  Council Tax 6.28
   Electricity/gas/water 8.09
  TV licence 0.93
  Mobile/broadband 6.00
  Insurance 0.00 
Weekly spending Food 25.00
  Travel/petrol 2.00
  Household 2.43
  Clothes 3.00
  Cigarettes/drinks  11.76
  Eating out/takeaway/trips 4.00
  Presents for Leon 2.00
Things to save up for Garage fund 1.00
What’s left  RESULT! 0.00